James A. Cruickshank, 12-year-old Founder & CEOJames A Cruickshank

Welcome to Treeting Cards®! My name is James Cruickshank and I am the founder and CEO.  I came up with this idea when I was seven due to the deeply felt injustice of my mom not buying me an Xbox.  I knew the only way to get the Xbox was to earn the money myself, so I tried to fast-track it with a lot of different business ventures.  After some trial and error, I finally figured it out and started selling my candy cards at local craft shows.  With much success and encouragement from my customers, Treeting Cards was founded.

My cards are filled with unexpected twists and turns and are a true reflection of what I love to do most —make people laugh!  My little brother, Jack, with his unrefined and outlandish humor, contributes a lot of ideas as well and is my right-hand man.




Jack Cruickshank

Jack Cruickshank

Brother & Chief Something-or-Another

We see ourselves as fortunate to have this crazy and creative outlet, in addition to a source of income to buy much-needed video games as well as support my number one love, SHARKS! If we save the sharks, we save the oceans; therefore, saving the world.  It's not that simple, but check out my S.O.S. (Save our Sharks) page for more information on how I see things and what I plan to do with the money from the sale of my cards.  Jack wants to save frogs. We haven't figured out how to support that idea yet, but once we do, we'll let you know.

Jack and I THANK YOU for visiting our site. We look forward to a lifetime of laughter with you by our side!


If you're a shark lover, frog lover, video game junkie, or have any comments about our cards feel free to contact us.


 Treeting Cards® is visioneered in Westlake, Texas, with all product made in the USA.